Systems Development

I have significant experience working as a systems developer professionally with focus on the web since 1998.

Project Management

From smaller companies large enterprises. I can assist with all stages from idea to planning, implementation as well as maintenance of your projects.

Cooperations and networks

Through cooperations and networking with companies and colleagues around the world, I have the experience and the connections to assemble the team you need.

Some references

Goodbye Kansas

I worked with the construction of a modern responsive web-based B2B system for and in cooperation with Goodbye Kansas. The system consisted of multiple interfaces all connected to a Master Database that I designed based on the needs of Goodbye Kansas. The assignment involved systems architecture, database design as well as fullstack development of multiple web-based interfaces.

Technologies used: Backend, Frontend, Responsive Web, ASP.NET Core 2, C#, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JQuery, Javascript, MySQL Server, T-SQL, Google Cloud, Google Secure URL signage


I worked with the construction of a modern responsive web-based transport system. The assignment involved systems architecture, database design as well as fullstack development of multiple web-based interfaces.

Technologies used: Backend, Frontend, Responsive Web, ASP.NET Core 2, C#, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JQuery, Javascript, MySQL Server, T-SQL, Microsoft Azure

Eurostar cinemas

Complete reconstruction of a web based system to a modern responsive solution. The backend and hosting solution has also been completely reworked with connections to external services and providers to maximize reach for clients and simplify work for administrative staff.

Technologies used include ASP.NET, T-SQL, MVC5, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, React Native, ReactJS and bootstrap among others.


New development as well as maintenance of internal and public facing systems using modern technologies and specialized enterprise level systems for subscription management among others.

Technologies used include ASP.NET, T-SQL, MVC5, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery and bootstrap 3 among others.

iTell - Modern responsive web based system suite

Upgrades and fixes of current systems as well as the creation of the next generation of parts of the iTell web based system suite.

Technologies used include: C#, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Javasscript, Microsoft SQL Server, T-SQL, Responsive Web among others.

TYT Network - Automated video publishing platform

Creation of an MRSS media Feed and automated publishing platform to auto-distribute TV-episodes to external partners. Integration has been done with Youtube, Amazon web services, Elastic transcoder, S3 storage and automated video conversion.

Technologies used include: Web API 2, C#, PHP, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Responsive Web, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Server, T-SQL, AWS Cloud, Elastic Transcoder, Amazon S3, Wordpress

Hyrma - Modern mobile responsive web

We worked with the mobile part of the Hyrma platform. This project involved a combination och backend and frontend work as well as significant discovery and analysis to understand the system and project environments.

Technologies used include: Frontend, Backend, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, CoffeeScript, KnockoutJS, Responsive Web, T-SQL, C#, ASP.NET MVC5, Nhibernate, MySQL, LINQ among others

Ratema - Intranet, Extranet, Sales Support System and several Integrations

We built a website for the industrial company Ratema AB. A larger system grew out of the original idea and developed into a dynamic multi-language system with an intranet, extranet, inventory management systems, internal forums, e-mail systems and instant messaging as well as integration with external financial systems. Teaching of classic ASP, HTML and JavaScript was also conducted with staff at Ratema.

Fame Games Radio - Web based Indie Music Portal

Transformed a static website into an organic, dynamic and interactive system ready to handle thousands of concurrent users with different roles and associated interfaces. We created, further developed and maintained the system from its first lightweight version with a few users to the last more comprehensive version with several thousand users in cooperation with ABC Radio. Among the challenges were also working closely with designers in the UK.

Technologies used include: Classic ASP, C#, ASP.NET,Ajax.NET, HTML, Javascript, CSS, XML, SQL Server 2005, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Flash, Actionscript, Web ORB among others

Providus Consulting - Web based telemarketing support system

We built a dynamic sales support system for telemarketing company Providus Consulting. The system supports the company's business model with its geographically dispersed sales force with the need for constant interaction with the head office. The sales support system allowed administrative staff to distribute data among the sales force and provide direct feedback in the form of detailed reports that can be passed on to the end customer.

Technologies used include: Classic ASP, HTML, Javascript, CSS, MySQL Server, Flash, Design, Excel, Photoshop among others.

Serviceclick - Modern Service Portal

We built a web-based service delivery platform for a customer in the UK. The system allowed users to create a request that a certain number of verified suppliers could bid for. This system included, among other things, a powerful administration interface with the ability to handle most content.

ITIL and Gamification

Certififed ITIL and Gamification strengthens our position with an interest understanding of business, psychological as well as technical aspects of IT projects.
  • ITIL
    • Increased organization know-how
    • Method for improved organizational overview
    • Service focus
  • Gamification
    • Principles from gaming theory to see and understand possibilities for businesses and users.
    • Methods to engage users

Our Services

Together with you, We create the web based solution for your specific needs. Through our experience and interesting both the technical and the business aspects of a project, we can create the best possible IT-based solution for Your organization.
We have good experience with project management tasks. From having run smaller to larger geographically distributed teams virtually, using traditional waterfall methodology as well as modern agile scrum practices.
We have significant experience assisting with resources and expertise at your office or remotely.
Through well established cooperations with competent designers, printers, project managers and developers, we can offer complete solutions for your company ranging from enterprise-level web based systems to a full graphical profile, public website and printed material.